Thursday, 4 January 2018




It's obvious that even when you are a hustler, a co-hustler like you tends to rip you off your hand earned money.

I somehow believe that irrespective of the bad eggs in the Society, we still have the good ones. But the question is, how do we get to notify the bad eggs? This makes it hard for people to venture in an online business these days.

One of the scamming site which made me think of writing this article is the site which says you can be rich with your #500. This site looks real when going through it, but I tell you, it is full of fakes and false write ups. You would like to check and get acquainted with the website, the site is

If you send your money to them e.g Akeye  Akinropo  Sesan,  using first bank and to the best of my knowledge he has other bank accounts, then believe me your money is gone.

The admin of the group, who claims to be Suleiman Benjamin is the chief scammer.  Please beware, share this article and help save the world from scammers.

Really this link is not for everybody, if you  are a website owner, blogger like me, then use this link to get campaigns to your website or blogs and get paid. Easy to access, Pop Ads

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Double Your Hustle!!!

                                         Dont Mind recession of a thing and stand still!!!

WSB - Wealth Start Business - Worlds First Zero to One Million Challenge

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As a WSB member, you will spend daily 15 minutes only and your task will be watching advertising! If you can click a link, then you are the right person to earn up to $11,912.50 per month from all 4 levels, spending only 15 minutes per day whenever you want during the day! There is no timing required on when you have to complete your daily task! You can complete it in the morning when you get your morning coffee, you can do it in the afternoon, or even in the evening! Just become a member of WSB and start earning rightaway from all 4 levels when we launch - Without spending any money out of pocket ever!
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Check the site and see more inspirational things you have never think of.....

You must make hay while the sun shines

Learn never to procastinate!″>

Print Your JAMB Admission Form Here!!!

The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board, JAMB admission letter for the 2016/2017 academic session is now available online. You can print your JAMB UTME/DE Admission letter by following the steps in this post.

Printing JAMB admission letter is the next step after you have been offered provisional admission. You can know if you have been offered admission by the following two means.
You have checked the released admission list of your institution and saw your name You have checked JAMB admission status and confirmed your admission JAMB admission letter printing for UTME and Direct Entry candidates for the 2016/2017 academic session has commenced. All candidates who have gained admission into respective institutions in Nigeria can now go ahead to print their JAMB admission letter online.

These are the simple steps to follow in oder to quickly complete your JAMB admission letter. Both Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and DE candidates can do this on official JAMB portal. The next paragraph will highlight the few steps to complete the process.

  How To Print JAMB Admission Letter For 2016/2017 Session

All admitted students into Nigerian tertiary institutions should follow these steps;

Go to JAMB online admission letter printing portal
Enter your JAMB Scratch Card PIN in the first space on the site
Enter the card Serial Number and finally,
Input your JAMB Registration Number and click on Submit button.
This will open your admission letter which you can send to your email and save. You will need this later in the future. Keep it in your email so that you can print when you need it later.

For those who may have forgotten their Registration Number, you can retrieve it upon validation of PIN and Serial Number with either surname, firstname or middle name, Date of Birth and State of Origin.

Sample JAMB Admission Letter Printout

  For those that do not know, this is what the JAMB admission letter looks like.

This is a sample of it..

 It might vary a little in content every year but this is basically what it looks like. The content of the document starts with; I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered provisional admission to [School Name] to pursue a FIRST DEGREE programme [or the applicable programme] in Electrical Engineering [the course you have been admitted into].

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Hey Daniel good morning she greets, is Michael at home? Knowing full well he is not, check the room he might be there, I replied. Of course I didn’t know what has come over me now but I sure had ulterior motives, Still trying to control myself as my penis was about to go hard which he obviously did.
A surge of sexual urge gushed through my veins as I strongly tired to fill my mind with the TV show I was watching. Of course it didn’t work. I stood up, my penis hardly erected and bent slightly towards my left thighs, and rushed to Michaels room. The doors were widely opened, the air conditioner turned on, she was lying down on the bed, her head faced towards the wall that was directly opposite the door of the room and legs widely spread apart. As i gazed within her legs, her fair thighs, buttocks elevated causing her gown to become shorter that her butt crack was in full display. Right now even someone that just came back from church couldn’t resist this sudden temptation. Continue reading....

Your woman would really love you for this, Just if you can treat her like that queen she is. what tha fuck!!

Sunday, 9 October 2016


This a romantic e-book, you would like to read again and again. you can as well refer your friend to get his or her copy here.

You would read more and know how to treat your girl friend or your spouse right that they will always wanna stay with you.